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Xbox 360
The famous developer cOz, from the 360 scene, gives us today a new version of its great homebrew called Dash Launch. As reminder : this app will allow you to boot directly to a XeX application / Live when starting the console or when you exit a game.

An installation tutorial is available HERE.

- more thoroughly check display names in xcontent header if english name is not present (TODO: check if this applies on launch items too)
- yet another correction to the dev kernel checks (thanks tydye and XDK!)
- add 16547
- fix autoswap for going from disk 2 to 1 (DS3) (thanks c.... and Swizzy for the report!)
- made launcher mode useful if dl is not running

Monday 20 January 2014, 13:06 by iomedes.
Source : Xbins.org
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