DGX 1.0 and CPU Post fix adapter : they arrived to Logic Sunrise

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After the great expectation of these last days, the answer is finally dropped, the day when the world should stop turning. This is certainly not the case for our consoles on 15574 and over, Slim and FAT. Sold for a final price of € 29.90, it will be delivered in 24h working days, with or without a CPU Post fix adapter, helping you in laying the DGX (FAT versions are not yet available in TX).

All pre-orders will be sent tonight, and stocks are available for the rest =) Good glitches for Christmas!

DGX Slim (1.0s) is available on 24h à cette adresse
DGX Fat is available on pre-order à cette adresse

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Friday 21 December 2012, 18:25 by J3FF.
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