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Xbox 360
New Xbox 360 update : 16756
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Xbox 360
[ LS Exclusive ] Tuto : dump of an Xbox One game by Swizzy
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Xbox 360
Tutorial Xbox One : Easy way to disassemble your Xbox One
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Xbox 360
MagicSeb has completed the update of its FBA Next emulator. He announced at the same time that it's probably the last version he will publish / release for this Xbox 360 emulato. FBA Next therefore pass on official release. Here is the changelog :

- Kaneko Supernova games are not working
- Bug fix concerning the previous version of ARM7, now all PGM are working.
- endian fix for d_tail2nose, d_mwarr, d_nemesis


Download link :
Wednesday 20 August 2014, 16:04 by iomedes. Read 3459 times
Xbox 360
After the announcement of the CR4 chip from the Team Xecuter who announced having successfully hack the Corona V6, we have no any news from their side. These Corona V6 have the specific RAM : winbond 2k. So it would make it "inglitchable" ! This is no longer the case. Indeed, 5432 and DrSchottky from the hackfaq website have released patches XeLL XeBuild compatible with Corona V6.

Download link :
XeLL: https://www.dropbox....xell_wbx-to.rar
XeBuild: https://www.dropbox....ecial_addon.rar
Wednesday 20 August 2014, 14:43 by iomedes. Read 7673 times
Xbox 360
After the unexpected exit of the dashboard Aurora (in english only) and noting that many people seem to enjoy it, I thought a small French translation would be nice : D To get the translation files, here is the procedure :

1) You should have Aurora. If it's not the case, download it here ici then install it.
2) Download archive available below and uncompress its content at the root of the Aurora file.
3) Enjoy Aurora in french !

Download link : Mediafire
Friday 11 July 2014, 21:28 by iomedes. Read 2464 times
Xbox 360
After a wait that surely never end with the famous NXE, here is Aurora, a new alternative Dashboard for JTAG / RGH Xbox360, rises suddenly. The Alpha version is obviously not complete, but is stable, fast, smooth and perfectly functional.

The functions announced :


- Boot straight into coverflow
- Lua scripts for filters, sort methods and subtitles
- Support locale files to translate the dashboard and skin
- Custom coverflow layouts
- Quick browse game list
- Game details
- Manage your game list when your devices aren't connected
- And of course fully compatible with Freestyle Plugin (LiNK) and the new and - improved Unity website
- Disabled features in alpha:
- View Previews / achievements / related content
- Please post bugs in the support forum.
- Or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support
Current versions:

- 0.1a r431 Binaries
- 0.1a r431 Skin
- 3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin

A demonstration video available here to show you :

Download link : http://www.realmodsc...&attach_id=1121
Tuesday 08 July 2014, 18:16 by iomedes. Read 6415 times
Xbox 360
Some green today !..., AutoGG gives us a new update of its application for the realization of the RGH and named AutoGG. This multilingual PC program (ES-EN-FR-PT) allows you to perform all the steps called "software" for the 360 hack : Nand dump, creation of .ecc pictures, creation of hacked Nand, Bad Block Management. (mapping / demapping) and yet many other features.

Finally be aware that the "Auto-Update" option allows you to update AutoGG without having to upload this version from LS.

Changelog :


- Minor bugs


- Added option to create xeBuild glitch2m images using CB RIP but retaining the original data from the
console. It solves the problem of short glitches on toshiba Ntsc Corona without any extra Fix.


If you load a slim dump , Autogg will show at xeBuild options a new param (glitch2m).

- If you use your real cpukey Autogg will create image using your real console data. (Recommended)

- If you use NO Cpukey (blank) it will generate a random valid cpukey and donor files (data) to create img.

Download link : https://mega.co.nz/#...1TexpYYzWw0CBzE
Thursday 03 July 2014, 13:27 by iomedes. Read 10681 times
Xbox 360
This is a very sweet official news from Microsoft, since a few hours, the drivers for the Xbox ONE controllers are officially available. Only the Windows version is available directly from Major Nelson's blog. To get there, simply click on this link and choose your version 32 or 64 bits : 

Monday 09 June 2014, 19:32 by iomedes. Read 1261 times
Xbox 360

A new update for the Xbox 360 is available for a few hours. The sweet 2.0.16756 brings a larger catalog of applications for 360 and One, while its counterpart about the One also adds support for external storage, the ability to use our real name on the Xbox Live and improved support for Smartglass.

[...] Xbox One features like external storage, the ability to use your real name on Xbox Live, and improved SmartGlass integration. Both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 system updates will begin rolling out globally this week, giving fans more ways than ever to enjoy the best in gaming and entertainment with Xbox.


[...] with this update our catalogue of more than 180 apps and experiences

Like previous updates, no impact on Xkeys and flashes (tested on slim, xkey and lt3.0) about RGH / JTAG we must wait for the support of this update by the various tools.

Thursday 05 June 2014, 11:42 by iomedes. Read 6792 times
Xbox 360
The team Xecuter returns to the front of the stage and reveals its new chip (ultimate chip ?). This should normally be the last one from the team. The CR4 has been completely redesigned to allow boot times over 3 cycles in 95% of cases. It works on both Fat (Xenon and Zephyr, you can forget) on Slim, (Trinity, Corona V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 and V6 Corona Winbond 2KB). In fact, two chips are grouped, the famous R-Jtag and the SlimProto.

Price is around 29 usd (around 21 €)and commercialization is planned for June.
Monday 12 May 2014, 16:58 by iomedes. Read 1621 times
Xbox 360
As you know, the last Corona V6 equipped with Winbond ram brand, Glitch is currently impossible. But it is not without relying on the Team Xecuter, who has worked hard to find us a solution.

Primarily through tests and with the help of these members : RF1911, sk1080, Coz, Oggy and Martinc, Team Xecuter successfully booting XeLL, all with their CR4 XL.

The Team indicates several things, the first is that the XL CR4 is the last stage products for 360 (what about their ODE ?). The second point is that, according to them the most chips already on the market will be compatible with their solution, the team will publish the files at that time.

"Call it a parting gift from the Xecuter team to the scene 360."

Monday 05 May 2014, 15:12 by iomedes. Read 2363 times
Xbox 360
AutoGG, the software for the realization of RGH just dress up a new version. This multilingual PC program (ES-EN-FR-PT) allows you to perform all the steps called "software" of the hack 360 : dump of the Nand and creation of a ecc image, creation of hacked Nand, Bad Block Management. (mapping / demapping) and yet other features.

Finally, note that the "Auto-Update" option allows you to update AutoGG without having to re-download this version on LS. AutoGG is the only software that allows you to update everything in one click : Dashboard, avatars etc, etc...

Changelog :

- Dash 16747
- Xebuild 1.12
- DashLaunch 3.12


Tiny-tutorial about the new function update xeBuild with AutoGG:

1.- Install or update Dashlaunch v3.08
2.- Launch Dashlaunch and check if : Configuration>>updserv is enabled. DON'T LEAVE DASHLAUNCH
3.- Under AutoGG, select Dash version (if you want to change the Xell , choose model, then, Xell version)
4.- Click on AutoUpdate (Lan selected) then click on DASH.
Answer "YES" to use new auto-update function. If everything runs well, update will be performed via the network and same for the avatar's update.


Download AutoGG 0.9.3 rev82
Tuesday 08 April 2014, 15:57 by iomedes. Read 20425 times
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