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Xbox 360
[ LS Exclusive ] Tuto : dump of an Xbox One game by Swizzy
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Xbox 360
Tutorial Xbox One : Easy way to disassemble your Xbox One
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Xbox 360
Xbox One : first nand dump with a size of 4.9GB
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Xbox 360
AutoGG, the software for the realization of RGH just dress up a new version. This multilingual PC program (ES-EN-FR-PT) allows you to perform all the steps called "software" of the hack 360 : dump of the Nand and creation of a ecc image, creation of hacked Nand, Bad Block Management. (mapping / demapping) and yet other features.

Finally, note that the "Auto-Update" option allows you to update AutoGG without having to re-download this version on LS. AutoGG is the only software that allows you to update everything in one click : Dashboard, avatars etc, etc...

Changelog :

- Dash 16747
- Xebuild 1.12
- DashLaunch 3.12


Tiny-tutorial about the new function update xeBuild with AutoGG:

1.- Install or update Dashlaunch v3.08
2.- Launch Dashlaunch and check if : Configuration>>updserv is enabled. DON'T LEAVE DASHLAUNCH
3.- Under AutoGG, select Dash version (if you want to change the Xell , choose model, then, Xell version)
4.- Click on AutoUpdate (Lan selected) then click on DASH.
Answer "YES" to use new auto-update function. If everything runs well, update will be performed via the network and same for the avatar's update.


Download AutoGG 0.9.3 rev82
Tuesday 08 April 2014, 15:57 by iomedes. Read 358 times
Xbox 360
Swizzy, member of our forums and so much famous on the Xbox 360 stage, proposes us today an update of its software Nand Builder : xeBuild GUI. As reminder, xeBuild GUI allows you to create hacked NAND with different Dashboards, the creation of ECC images allowing you to boot on the Xell and then, catch the CPU key. It also features many other functions...
This update also brings the support for kernel 16747. Changelog :

* 2.093 *
- Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.12
- Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.12
- Updated: Now building 2.0.16747.0

Download xeBuild GUI 2.092
Friday 04 April 2014, 15:04 by iomedes. Read 401 times
Xbox 360
The famous developer coz of the 360 stage gives us today a new version of its great homebrew called Dash Launch. As Reminder : this app will allow you to boot directly to a XeX/Live application when starting the console or when you exit a game.

An installation tutorial is available HERE.

- default behaviour of live block is now to use strong block rules (at least until ini is loaded)
- fix compatibility issues with dashes created before AP25 was deployed (spoof the AP functions on older versions)
- limit fakelive/autofake to 14717+ kernels
- add export so plugins can find out where they were loaded from during dllMain() (it's volatile, copy it in Main() if you need it!)
- update 16547 patches to delay network bringup in xam until launch.xex loads
- add trinity internal usb to hddkeepalive (for those that have a usb hdd hooked up there)
- add 16747

Download Dash Launch 3.12
Thursday 03 April 2014, 16:14 by iomedes. Read 579 times
Xbox 360
As each update Microsoft software Nand Builder start them as up to date shortly after. This is again the case with the new version of XeBuild that passes with the main novelty v1.10 support 16747 kernel and some minor bug fixes.

Traditional softwares should not take long time to appear, such as AutoGG or Xebuid GUI.
xeBuild 1.12

What's New:
    - minor bug fixes

Download xeBuild 1.12
Thursday 03 April 2014, 16:10 by iomedes. Read 155 times
Xbox 360
A new update for the Xbox 360 is available for a few hours. It provides only a single innovation that has been revealed to us in person by Major Nelson on Twitter : the ability to rent a movie from its Xbox 360 console and watch it on any Microsoft platform, whether Windows 8, Windows Phone or Xbox One and the tablet surface.

After testing personally, I confirm that this update is [b] no effect on XKEY [/ b]. For those who have another system, wait a few returns, but it is very unlikely that this update poses a problem.

Thursday 03 April 2014, 14:35 by iomedes. Read 393 times
Xbox 360
Microsoft's defense on the Xbox 360 is doubled despite the availability of Xbox ONE. Today some users confirm the presence of a new motherboard with a CPU key no longer available. This v6 is available in two versions, one with is a Winbond chip and one that embeds a flash Toshiba Ntsc.

The Winbond version of the V6 Corona, with no more RGH chip currently available on the market is not functional. In contrast to the Toshiba version, this motherboard is still compatible with the chip Squirt 2.0, it uses the CB RIP and not a fake CPU key.

Thursday 03 April 2014, 14:29 by iomedes. Read 602 times
Xbox 360
After the présentation of the tests of Squirt programmer (available at this address) and then the test of the BGA 1.2 (available at this address), I'm back to show you the test of the Squirt BGA 2.0. The RGH is complete and functional on all Xbox 360 of the market, the stage is now running slowly. The team Squirt didn't abandon and delivers to us a new version 2.0.

Accéder au tutoriel : Test de la Squirt BGA 2.0

Wednesday 02 April 2014, 18:03 by iomedes. Read 178 times
Xbox 360
Lucas Sitting just found a way to make a Xbox ONE controller to work on a PC. Microsoft had planned for this function in 2014, but, at this time, still nothing. For the moment the installation is complicated, and require two open source softwares to make it work. However, it works flawlessly, and it may open the possibility to cronusmax support the Xbox ONE.

A video correctly explains step by step how it works, but if a member could give us a quick "Step by Step" without image, that would be great ! MAC and LINUX version will also be created quickly, the developer promises.

Download Xbox Game Pad 1.0
Wednesday 19 March 2014, 14:13 by iomedes. Read 255 times
Xbox 360
A new version of RetroArch360 just emerges, version As a reminder, this emulator intended to kick the Xbox 360 allows emulation of several consoles or arcades, like the famous Final burn. The special feature of this version is the support of MAME. The motors that are supported :


- Genesis Plus GX
- SNES9x Next
- Visual Boy Advance Next
- NEStopia
- FCEUmm
- Mednafen PCE Fast
- Mednafen NGP
- Mednafen VB
- Mednafen Wonderswan
- Prboom
- NX Engine (Cave Story)
- Tyrquake
- FInal Burn Alpha
- Gambatte
- MAME 2003 (0.78) NEW!


Download RetroArch 360 v1.0.0.2
Wednesday 19 March 2014, 13:57 by iomedes. Read 365 times
Xbox 360
Darks Souls 2, whose first album has been very well received by critics, has now a second opus highly anticipated by fans. Officially announced on March 14, the release of iMARS named Dark.Souls.II.XBOX360-iMARS just emerge on the web, with a weight of 6.3GB, and a week in advance. It is also hoped the imminent arrival of the PS3 version.

As usual, no any link request will be permitted in any manner whatsoever.

Wednesday 12 March 2014, 16:59 by iomedes. Read 510 times
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